Video Production

Video is easily consumed and is one the most important driving forces when creating content. Whether you are building a website, creating a promo ad or just marketing. Video will reach a wider audience and will boost conversions and sales. If you want boost exposure, increase your ROI and enhance your marketing. Get serious about video production!



Promotional Video

A promo video is one essential key to attract customers or an audience. When creating a promo video please keep in mind to have good quality, keep short & concise, make it attractive and sell the benefits to name a few. Don't over do it with too many crazy effects. Sometimes, simple is great enough!

Music Videos

Hip Hop Artist: Miztro

Hip Hop Artist & Producer Martell DB

Highlight Video


Uploaded by None on 2019-04-19.


Electronic Press Kit (Visual Format)

Tiffany "Mz Stuff" Betts

Chicago, IL (Published Model)


Hip Hop Duo from Chicago, IL

Instagram Format Videos

IG Promo visual for CONVO w/ Ellimac J
Uploaded by LP Industries on 2017-05-16.